Welcome to Mr Rick Linforth MD FRCS(ED) FRCS(Gen SURG).

Mr Rick Linforth is a well known, highly regarded Consultant Breast Surgeon in Bradford. He is the Divisional Clinical Director for all the Anaesthetic, Surgical and Operating Theatre departments Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and is the specialist lead in Breast Cancer diagnosis and treatment, Breast Reconstructive Surgery and Family history/ Genetic risk assessment.
He attends the multidisciplinary team of Breast specialists in Breast Surgery,Radiology and Oncology, and runs one stop clinics for patients with breast symptoms, both at Bradford and the Yorkshire Clinic.
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   Mr Rick Linforth Consultant specialist Breast Surgeon.

This site is intended to provide patients and the public information on breast disease and it's treatment along with information on breast surgery, including cosmetic augmentation and Macrolane body enhancement. If you are worried about breast disease, you should contact your own Gp who will either be able to reassure you, or send you to see Mr Linforth and team at a One Stop breast clinic, either on the NHS or Privately if you wish.

NHS patients can via their GP Choose which hospital they are referred to.
Mr Linforth sees NHS patients at the Yorkshire Clinic or Bradford Teaching Hospitals.

Cosmetic Surgery is not available on the NHS unless there is significant breast asymmetry or deformity.Private Consultation for Cosmetic Surgery or breast disease is available by Mr Linforth at the Yorkshire Clinic on Tuesday and Friday afternoons.


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